Krudi Ltd. Company provides specialized 3D solid foaming transfer printing on T-Shirts, cloths, garments, and other textile materials supplying to meet the needs for corporate groups, cultural & traditional events, souvenirs, sport events, entertainment and gaming activities, etc. This solid foaming transfer printing technology uses proprietary solid foaming transfer paper which allows environmentally friendly and non-toxic printing of designed graphics such as mark, logo, uniform emblem, character, self-designed creativity, photograph, etc. onto pre-produced textile products/ by-products with excellent resolution and 3D embossed effect.

Existing oil based PVC transfer printing contains toxic DOP-carcinogenic substance which is harmful to health. PVC printing cracks easily, has a harder feel, and has lesser print resolution. Unlike oil based PVC, Krudi uses Silicone Urethane substance on our transfer paper which is environmentally-friendly, has a softer feel, does not crack easily, and has a higher print resolution and print quality.